Kalpana Manivannan

Kalpana Manivannan

A mother of two amazing kids and a teacher by profession, I have varied interests. Apart from being an avid reader, I dabble in gardening. My love for painting, cooking, travelling and jotting down my random musings keeps me wonderfully occupied. With all this going, I still am my happiest being a mother and a wife as my world revolves around my family and for me, their love is what makes the world go round.

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Choose The Sun & Sands Of The Andamans For Your Big Summer Trip This Year
the Andamans

It's March. Time to plan for the big summer vacation trip. What better than the Andamans where you can chill and have adventures too?

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Be Different, You’re A Limited Edition! [#Shortlisted]
be different

The girls happily swirled in their pretty dresses, admiring themselves and remarking at what others wore. So typical, something normally expected of little girls, right?

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Kid Asks Uncomfortable Questions? Congratulations! You Have Done Something Right As A Parent!
successful parenting

Does your kid annoy you by asking too many (uncomfortable) questions? It isn't disobedience, even if you think so, but a sign of your successful parenting! 

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Is My Child Being Honest With Me? Does My Child Feel Safe Being Honest With Me?
being honest

Are our children telling us things openly and honestly? More importantly, are we being the parents our children can feel safe being honest with?

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Because Gender Sensitization Of Kids Begins At Home…
gender sensitization

It is imperative that we be role models for our kids for gender sensitization which should be part of parenting, and have a more liberal and feminist gen next!

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4 Golden Values That My Kids Learn By Doing Daily Chores Around The House
kids doing chores

Kids doing chores at home does not just get these done, but they learn some golden values that will always stand them in good stead in life.

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Let’s Teach Our Children The Importance Of Failure…

We talk to our children about succeeding in their endeavours, but have we thought about the importance of failure on their journey in life?

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I Found Myself With Joint Pains That Wouldn’t Go Away With Treatment. That Is When I Discovered Yoga

Yoga has incredibly simple solutions for aches and pains that occur due to bad posture and the inflexibility of modern life. Here is how I harnessed it.

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Why I Hate The ’10 Things Lists’ About Parenting That Pop Up In My News Feed All The Time!
parenting advice

Parents are human after all. Please, let's cut ourselves some slack here, and not fall prey to the peer pressure of following all the parenting advice that pops up online.

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Let Us Get Rid Of This Menace Called Multitasking And Live Happier And More Productive Lives

Multitasking is the scourge of our lives today as women, and it is expected that we do many things well and efficiently. Is this really what we want?

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When An All Women Trip Turned Out To Be Much More Than What I Thought It Would Be!
all women trip

I went on an all women trip with my friends despite the reservations my husband had about travelling at night, and it turned out to be great fun!

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Here’s Why I Think Accomplished Women Are Choosing To Stay At Home
choosing to stay at home

My choosing to stay at home to take care of my kids has everything to do with an empowered choice and nothing with being pushed into it.

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To My Children – You Don’t Owe Us Anything…
children don't owe us

Our children don't owe us anything - we brought them into this world, and we have grown as individuals just by being parents.

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Welcome To The Fabulous 40s – The Big Four O Is More Than All That It Is Said To Be!
becoming 40

Becoming 40 is not exactly what I thought it would be! It is so much better, and I am lovin' it! Do read on to know why.

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Entitled Kids Much? Stop Doing Everything For Your Kids!
entitled kids

A genaration of over-involved parenting is spawning a generation of entitled kids. Here are 7 pointers to stop doing everything for your kids for the greater good!

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Why I Would Tell My Daughter That Marriage And Motherhood Can Be Beautiful…
marriage and motherhood

While marriage and motherhood is not the be all end all of women's lives, isn't there something good in them that we should try to find for ourselves?

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Boys Should Cook. Girls Should Cook. Yes, Everyone Needs Domestic Skills!

After years of listening to how men and women should behave, it's time we just let them be. Let's just see them as humans who need domestic skills!

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