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Japleen Pasricha

I smash the patriarchy for a living! Founder & Editor-in-chief of Feminism in India. Gender, tech, media and internet. Tweets @japna_p

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Walls That Speak For A Cause : Campus Graffiti AT JNU

Here are ten examples of graffiti for social causes, from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus, New Delhi.

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Why Rapes Happen In India And How We Can Avoid It

Why do rapes happen in India? We have everybody and his brother here educating you on why we get raped.

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Living In A Nunnery: An Offbeat Travel Account

We associate vacations with indulgence, but what if a travel experience was all about the joys of simplicity? An account of living in a Tibetan nunnery.

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Ladies On The Loose: Women On Bikes
Women on bikes

Women on bikes - not yet a common sight, but increasingly, not too rare! Sharing an account of some inspiring journeys by women.

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Senegal Women’s Well: Where Women Travel For Peace
Women Travel For Peace in Senegal

A women-only travel option aims to connect women to women in Africa and help them work together to create assets for the community!

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Inspiring Indian Women Who Live To Travel!
Inspiring Indian women who travel

Do you love to travel? Who inspires you to travel? Are you currently undertaking an inspiring journey? The stories of inspiring Indian women who live to travel!

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Delhi Says, Welcome Back To Street Harassment And Moral Policing!

Whether it is street harassment or moral policing - you can be sure that they'll find a way to blame it on women!

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Travel Around The world On Foot? Here’s How Two Women Are Rocking It!
Women who travel the world on foot

To travel around the world on foot is to experience it from a different dimension. Meet two women adventurers who are exploring the world in new ways.

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Travelling In The Footsteps Of Mira

A women only tour planned in the footsteps of noted Bhakti saint Mira; Is there a woman whose footsteps you'd like to follow?

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Walking At Night: A Feminist Fantasy?
walking at night

Walking at night remains a feminist fantasy as far as Indian women are concerned. When do we reclaim the night?

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My Top 6 Tips For Women Travelling Solo To Istanbul
Tips for women travelling solo to Istanbul

Can women travel solo and explore Istanbul without worrying about safety? 6 tips for solo female travellers to Turkey

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The Vicious Circle Of Menstrual Taboos

The vicious circle of menstrual taboos: We learn that menstruation is a shameful secret and teach our daughters the same.

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What To Expect If You Are Dating A Feminist Woman
What to expect if you date a feminist woman

Dating a feminist woman is not hard as you may have been lead to believe - if you believe in the equality of the sexes.

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Sum Total

An Indian woman. Plus a feminist. Minus a homely girl. A poem on the sum total of me.

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Farewell Freedom! Hope To See You Soon
Women in public spaces

A young woman bids farewell to freedom after 5 months in Europe where she meets people and follows her heart without fear.

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Why Prostitution In India Should Be Legalised
Why we need to legalise prostitution in India

Why Prostitution in India should be legalised (and regulated): It gives sex workers the dignity of work and protection of labour laws

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Budget Trip to Europe
budget trip to europe

Want to know how to plan a budget trip to Europe? Follow these simple tips and go live your dream!

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Trying To Rebel
Can a girl in India rebel

Trained as she is from childhood, a girl needs to try very hard to rebel - rebellion doesn't come easy to most Indian women

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Taking Stock: Post Dec 16, Has Anything Changed For Women In India?

Post Dec 16, how has the law and its implementation changed when it comes to the safety of women in India?

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How We Failed Aarushi & Hemraj

Why were we as a society so ready to believe unfounded rumours about Aarushi Talwar's personal life?

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