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Ekta Shah

Ekta Shah

Blogger/Author/SAHM. Just spreading some positive vibes around.

Voice of Ekta Shah

Why I Am Bringing Up My 2 Daughters To Be Strong Women Used To Making Their Own Choices!
making their own choices

Strong women have to be created by parents who bring them up with a sense of freedom for making their own choices in a world which takes them away from women.

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Yes, I Am A Dusky Woman And I’m Perfectly Happy With The Way I Look!
dusky woman

A dusky woman is often the target of much discrimination in a world that is enamoured of fair skin, right from her birth to later life!

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Dealing With The Identity Crisis As A Mother Who Would Like To Do More With Life
working mom with 5 year old

Do you suffer an identity crisis as a mother and homemaker who would like to follow her passion and work? Here's how you can deal with it.

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I Was A Depressed Homemaker Suffering From Frequent Anxiety Attacks, But I Rose Above It!

Depression in stay at home moms is a common phenomenon, and can often manifest as anxiety attacks or listlessness.

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Luxuries Are Good, But Should Come Only After The Necessities. A Lesson To Teach Kids When Young

Luxuries are good, and we all need some, but it is essential to teach kids to weigh luxury vs necessity when spending their hard earned money.

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The Bengaluru Mass Molestation Case…I Am Losing Faith In Our Society

When incidents like the recent Bengaluru mass molestation case can happen without the perps fearing any consequences, this mother cannot help but be fearful for her children and for all women.

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My Domestic Help Gauriamma Is A Mother Too! Why Has Our Feminism Mostly Ignored Her?

Underprivileged moms are also just as much in need of support as other women are, and need to come under the umbrella of feminism too!

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Pilot Sandeep Kaur Wins A Permanent Commission; Makes Me Think About True Empowerment

What is the true meaning of women's empowerment? Is it to fight for the right to pursue one's dreams, without guilt or fear?

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Single Mom Juveria Patni Is Fighting For Her Son’s Passport. Let’s Support Her!

Single mom Juveria Patni has been struggling for the last years to get a passport for her son. Despite court orders, why are single moms in India still harassed?

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As A Caregiver, Is It Too Much For A Daughter In Law To Expect Some Gratitude From Her In Laws?

This daughter in law left her job to be the primary caregiver. What is wrong if she expects some gratitude from her in laws?

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Meri Salwar Kameez Mujhko Behenjee Nahein Bulatee

What makes a woman wearing an Indian outfit like the salwar kameez or a sari inferior to a woman in Western wear? Why these stereotypes?

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Take Some Time Out, Pamper Yourself And Have Fun Sometimes, Moms!

Pamper yourself and live a little for yourselves, ladies! Only a happy person can give out happiness to family and society! Me time is the mantra..

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Why Do Educated Women Choose To Stay In Broken Marriages Facing Domestic Violence?

The case of broken marriages, where educated women continue to stay on, despite lack of compatibility, love, respect and honesty.

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If Only I Could Have Had My Haircut A Day Before The Currency Ban!

The currency ban might be a good thing in the long run, but what about those disadvantaged people, especially the elderly, who are affected badly by it?

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Karwa Chauth – An Individual Choice I Won’t Diss, Even Though I Don’t Practise It

Many women have a deep attachment to traditions such as Karwa Chauth, one-sided though they may be. This author argues for making one's own choice.

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Mark Aug 14 On Your Calendar. Watch Gymnast Dipa Karmakar As She Creates History
Deepa Karmakar

Dipa Karmakar creates history by qualifying for the finals in the women’s vault event. Here’s more about her achievments. Dipa Karmakar is the first Indian gymnast to participate in Rio Olympics. It was yet again, a proud moment for us when she created history once again by making it to the finals of the event. […]

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These Three Indian Women Wrestlers From Haryana Give Patriarchy One Tight Slap!
Indian Women Wrestlers

These three Indian women wrestlers have fought all odds to become world champions.  Read to know about their journey from Haryana to Rio. 

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