Deeksha Shetty

Deeksha Shetty

I am a Software Engineer by profession. I have worked for nearly 6+ years in IT. I am currently a Home Maker.
Hardcore Foodie. Dancing is my passion.Bollywood Junkie!
I am a newbie at blogging and have just started it off to kill some time…

Voice of Deeksha Shetty

A Splash Of… Water! [#ShortStory]
splash of water

"And your son here, zips his mouth and silently watches the entire drama unfold in front of him by being a silent spectator. Not once did he stop you from making nasty remarks about his wife."

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A Mandatory Cooking Class That Wasn’t What I Thought! [#ShortStory]
cooking class

Ridhima was stunned at what her to-be MIL had just said. Her MIL was nothing like what she heard from her friends about their MILs.

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Practical Solution To Street Harassment!? [#ShortStory]
solution to eve teasing

"The cops might ask me, if they touched me... They will just ignore what I say until and unless I have been hurt. That’s the problem, we wait for a disaster to happen to take action."

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This Women’s Day, I Dare You To . . . !
women's day dare

On Women's Day coming up soon, there is something that you MUST certainly do. Here's a Women's Day dare that you should take up!

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Dowry… Or No? [#ShortStory]
wedding expenses

Wedding expenses which are not shared by the bridegroom's side can also be looked at as a kind of hidden dowry, can't they? A short story.

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