When My Husband Gets Up With Me At Night To Take Care Of Our Infant

Posted: April 16, 2018

I am blessed to have a husband who shares the parenting of our infant daughter, making it easier for me in my weakened post delivery state. 

Unlike most mothers, who claim solidarity in their lonely nighttime sojourns with hungry and fussy babies, I am among the select few mothers who have never had to face the brutality of night-time feeds alone.

Since the advent of our parenting adventure a few weeks ago, my husband has always, always, woken up at night whenever a baby has broken the silence of the night with the shrill cry of hunger.

I honestly cannot remember if we discussed how we would handle the inevitable night shift of parenting. And, looking back, I’m not sure either of us could have predicted just how quickly we’d become acquainted with the darker side — and that’s probably a good thing. I can only imagine that we would have run away screaming had we realized what we were in for.

But somehow or other, with the birth of our daughter, my husband and I settled into our own night-time groove — it always begins with those first cries, some immediate in their urgency and others a whimper that will quickly grow.

Next comes the waiting game — will the little one go back to sleep if we wait a few seconds? (Hint: the answer is never yes).

And finally, the surrender — I stir first, and upon hearing me, my husband immediately jumps out of bed.

The truth is, he doesn’t usually hear the baby at night like I do (I’ve heard it’s a common disorder among fathers), but as soon as I get up, he does too. And believe me, I’ve perfected my slow roll-out-of-bed move so as to ensure that he will be the one to reach the baby first.

And that’s what he does. While I plod over to secure the nursing pillow on my lap, and arrange a warm blanket around me to settle in for a 40-minute breastfeeding session, he deals with the diaper.

Image credit: Nupura Naik

Big or small, wet or poopy, my husband mans the diaper-changing, swaddles the baby like the pro he has become, and then swiftly completes the hand-off to me as he stumbles back into bed and falls asleep instantly. It’s such a small gesture, but for me, it has made all the difference.

I dread getting up with the baby at night, but somehow, knowing that my husband is willing to get up with me makes it all bearable.

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Header image credit: Nupura Naik

Nupura Naik. I am a Working professional with 10 year experience in the field of Sales & Marketing. I love to read, write and paint. I am ambitious, and at the same time small things in life bring me happiness. I believe in spreading love and seeing people happy makes me feel good.


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