News24 Calls Actor Disha Patani’s Childhood Pic ‘Ugly’ And Her Response Is SAVAGE!

Posted: February 4, 2018

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Amidst all the things happening in the country, News24 seems to be able to think only about Disha Patani’s ‘Ugly’ photo from school. FACEPALM

With all the BS that Karni sena, and the politicians of the country are generally up to, I’m honestly amazed at the ability of some news houses to be so blatantly ignorant of it and choose to tweet about something like this. (below)

I mean, is that what your sponsors give you money for, News24? I’m not being judgmental, but it’s pretty clear that you’re headed straight up that way. I understand that bollywood related articles are an object of interest to millions of people, but I don’t think shaming somebody for their looks (that too in class 7) makes for any kind of a read. Standing ovation to actress Disha Patani for destroying their useless tweet with a fitting reply LOL.

And I have a question for the people concerned with this tweet, how much professional make-up did you people use when in class 7? Class 7 is the age when everybody hits or has been hit by puberty. That’s not a very flattering age, and neither is the angle or the quality of the camera that picture on the left has been taken in.

Funny that you guys didn’t think about all of this despite being fully grown adults. Peace!

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