Dear Bollywood, Please Don’t Screw The Definition Of ‘Love’

Posted: February 14, 2018

We will be in conversation with Nikita Singh and talking all things love and books! 22nd Feb Mumbai | 23rd Feb Bangalore. 

Bollywood seems to have gotten the concept of ‘love’ all wrong! This poem urges our dear Bollywood to rethink its mindset and finally grow up!

Dear Bollywood,
Let’s talk about love
Because let’s face it
You have screwed our definition of love.

Tu jahan jahan chalega
Mera saya sath hoga
This is not ‘love’, dear Bollywood
This is called stalking
And this might not help the guy to get the girl
But might land him up in jail.

Tu haan kar ya na kar
Tu hai meri Kiran
Kiran, dear Bollywood is not a car!
And the guy cannot drive her home
Without her Consent.

Kabhi kabhi mere dil mai
khayal ata hai
Ki jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai sirf mere liye
Kabhi kabhi mere dil mai
khayal ata hai
Ki yeh badan, yeh nigahein sirf meri hi amanat hai

No, maybe it never occurred to you
That she was not sent on this Earth
To be your private property!
She was sent here
To be
A doctor, a scientist
A rapper, a racer
A poet, an artist
Or whatever her heart desires to be!

Hum ek baar jeetein hai
Ek baar marte hai aur pyar,
woh bhi ek hi baar karte hai
No, dear Bollywood
There are a lot of Simrans for Raj
and a lot of Raj’s for Simran to date.
Haven’t you heard of Tinder till date?

Dear Bollywood,
Don’t sell us your fairy tales
Where the only aim of DDLJ’s Simran is to find her
Andekha Anjana soulmate.

Dear Bollywood,
You haven’t come of age
Please grow up!
And till then, don’t tell us how to Love
For heaven’s sake!

Image Source: YouTube

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