Sounds Of Morning [#Poem]

Posted: September 18, 2017

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This very onomatopoeic poem records the relentless drudgery of a working woman’s morning rush, juggling home, husband, children, and so much more!

Tick tock tick tock…..the tireless clock ticks on.
Clannnggg…’wake up’, the alarm calls, ‘it’s morn’.
Zzzzz…wish I could catch just a few winks more.
Sighhh…no way! Who would do the daily chore?

Drip drip drip…water trickles from the kitchen tap.
Am hungry….the baby snuggles in mommy’s lap.
Sleep more kiddo, Mommy needs to get into action.
Grrrr…the mixer grinds tomatoes to perfection.

Flap flap flap…clothes rinse in the washing machine.
Mommy, the older one yells, ‘my shoes are not clean’.
Ting ting…veggies are blanched, microwave beeps.
Cough cough…Where’s my tea? Man-of-the-house peeps.

Hissss…potatoes are done, the cooker whistles.
Sssss…on the hot tawa masala omelette sizzles.
Muaahh…Take care child, here’s your tiffin box.
The husband calls, ‘have you seen my socks?’

Ting…out of the toaster a brown slice pops.
Pick me up Mommy, down the crib the baby hops.
‘Are you ready, sweetheart?’ the husband calls.
‘Not yet. Please take baby to the creche’, she howls.

Tan tadan…’meeting today’, reminder on her phone pings.
Trriinngg…amidst the pervading chaos, the door bell rings.
Hehehe…madam, your maid won’t come today!
Boom, bang! the last bits of peace are also blown away.

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Image source: pixabay

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