The Father Of The Bride [#Poetry]

Posted: June 18, 2017
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A father can be the bedrock of a woman’s life. Here is an ode to the father of the bride at a time she is about to take a very big step in her personal life.

Here’s the beautiful innocent ‘Bride’,
All decked and ready to ‘glide’,
Towards a future- full of love and shining ‘bright’.
Entire night her eyes may have ‘cried’,
With the fear of losing her friend, philosopher and ‘guide’..
But as always, she finds him standing by her side,
Shoulders firm and smile as wide,…
For he is the Father of the Bride.,.
And as time takes a giant ‘stride’,
the moment has come for them to abide,
Even the mirror gladly shares their pride.

Through her childhood, he may have ‘spied’ ,
To figure what she liked and ‘disliked’.
Whenever her choices were too ‘wide’,
And unable she was to ‘decide’..;
He would use all his ‘might’ to ease her ‘plight’;
so her world never went down and ‘upside’.
No gift or wish he ever ‘denied’,
With him, her journey seemed a joy ‘ride’.

And as she tries for her emotions to ‘hide’,
… she finds him standing by her side,
Shoulders firm and smile as wide.
For he is the Father of the Bride;
And as time takes a giant ‘stride’..;
the moment has come for them to ‘abide’;
Even the mirror gladly shares their ‘pride’…

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Namita Sinha

Namita Sinha

A Banker ,Marketer, and Certified Success Coach by profession,..after 12 years of full time corporate assignments at Senior Managerial levels with Multi National Firms…I have recently embarked on a new phase in my career , to discover my true calling – life - coaching ,training writing and blogging. My six year old daughter is my biggest motivation in life…I am a strong believer in work-life integration , rather than work-life balance, and am therefore busy aligning the joys and demands of motherhood, with my work ---needless to say both with equal passion. I am keen to influence the world , especially young minds on socially relevant themes and topics through my writing …both in English and Hindi.

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