Mansplaining – Because Women Don’t Understand Anything, Right?! #WomenOnTheMove

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Actually chaps, sorry to pop the bubble but women do know things, sometimes better than you! Yet, if mansplaining keeps you happy, go on!

Men – Oh! God’s gift to mankind! There, even the word ‘mankind’ has a man in it! And what do we women know – nothing. See, that’s why men have taken it up on themselves to explain things to us, in short ‘mansplain’ things to we lesser mortals – women!


The concept  of ‘mansplaining’ was first articulated by Rebecca Solnit in 2008. It all began when one evening over dinner with her friend, she mentioned that she wanted to write an essay called “Men Explain Things to Me” that documented all the ‘well meaning’ advice that she receives from – guess who – MEN!

Women recognized this condescending behavior almost immediately! Why? Because who among us hasn’t faced or doesn’t face it in some form or the other everyday? It is a kind of behavior that resonates with all of us!


Men are our savior…


 And EXPERTS in every field…


So much to learn from them…



Oh did we forget the ‘sanskaari’ part…


Yeah, even pregnancy and childbirth!


Men simply love explaining things and give ‘gyaan‘ – whether it is about demonetization or childbirth; history of Rome or how to cook butter chicken; finance or female reproduction — they offer their nuggets of wisdom on everything right from the word, GO.


So, we women are like – go on if you must!

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