Feminism – Let’s Talk Equality! #WomenOnTheMove

Posted: April 10, 2017

We will be in conversation with Nikita Singh and talking all things love and books! 22nd Feb Mumbai | 23rd Feb Bangalore. 

Feminism is having equal rights irrespective of gender, then why is there so much negativity and misunderstanding around it? Finding out with #WomenOnTheMove

‘Feminism’ is the most widely and globally misunderstood, overused and misused term. In fact it is rather surprising to see that the moment this word pops-up in any discussion, we find people standing in opposite spectrum of the conversation. ‘Feminism’ has become the modern day society’s dirtiest ‘f’ word.

It is true that ‘feminism’ started with a call for women rights. But like any other social movements, the definition of ‘feminism’ is constantly changing. In the present wave of feminism, activism and advocacy for equality for all people despite race, class, religion, age or sexual orientation is at the heart of the feminist agenda. But the very idea that women should be equal to men is one that causes significant amount of conflict within our society. Not only is there a stigma attached to the word feminism, but there’s also a humongous amount of negative connotation attached to it.

Last week, in our weekly #WomenOnTheMove chat over at Twitter, we discussed why there are so many misconceptions about feminism, when and how #WomenOnTheMove were introduced to this word and what do they do to dispel the myths and negativities surrounding feminism in everyday life. This is what #WomenOnTheMove said.

Feminism – A concept that we believed but a word we did not know.

Here’s how #WomenOnTheMove were introduced to feminism.

We all believe that everyone should have equal rights irrespective of their gender, caste, religion, color, race, sexual orientation etc. Yet many of us in our growing up days never associated this ideology with ‘feminism’.

And then we said ‘hello’ to the negativities!

Popular myths around feminism

How to counter the myths in everyday life?

Knowledge dispels darkness, myths and misconceptions – Feminist books & authors we love

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