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Check Out These Valentine’s Day Gifts For All Pockets, From Rs 100 To Rs 10,000!

Posted: February 12, 2017

Find here some handpicked last minute Valentine Day gifts for all pockets, from Rs 100 to Rs 10,000 that can still get delivered.

Usually, as is the ‘norm’ set by the lovers from the past generations, men are the ones who are supposed to spoil their senoritas by flooding them with gifts on this day of love. But ladies, take the front seat now and read on to know about Valentine’s Day gifts for all pockets, while the men of your lives try and find out new ideas and gifts for you!

Under Rs. 100

Wall Hanging that can double up as a car ornament


Image source: amazon

Want to gift your boyfriend/girlfriend something nice but have no idea where to start from? Try out this beautiful wall hanging by Miyanbazaz Textiles, which is a really sweet gift for this occasion. And no issues if they want to hang it up on their rear view mirror instead!

Buy it here.

Anklets for women

Try out these designer, size-adjustable beautiful anklet by HIGH TRENDZ – it is the in-thing to have an anklet on just one ankle! One look this beautiful piece of jewellery and she will fall in love with it (and you, too- all over again!)

Buy it here.

Rs. 100- 500

Greeting Card


Image source: amazon

Cliched, I know! But classics never go out of trend, and if you really want to say something which you have been pondering over from a long time, this handmade greeting card should suffice!

Buy it here.

Message Capsules


Image source: amazon

Pre-Valentine’s jitters mostly consist of finding out ways in which you can send messages of love to your Valentine. Try out these cute, little message capsules that contain message for all occasions- be it you wanting to flirt, or express eternal love!

Buy it here.

Luminous Message Bottle


Image source: amazon

Continuing with the tradition of sending and receiving messages, Little Shopee has brought out these amazing luminous message bottles. It is made of glass and contains a little plant and a paper inside it.

Buy it here.

Jewellery never goes wrong!


Image source: amazon

Enough with sending messages! Men, too want to impress their women, don’t they? A list of Valentine’s Day gifts for all pockets would be quite incomplete without mentioning jewellery for girlfriends from their boyfriends! This crystal blue heart pendant is a perfect fit if she likes light, yet beautiful jewellery.

Buy it here.

Or a Jewellery Box


Image source: amazon

But what if you got done with presenting your beloved with jewellery the previous Valentine? What would you give her this year? Well, I suggest it would be rather fit to look for this handmade wooden jewellery box by ITOS365 that can keep it all organized and handy.

Buy it here.

Rs. 500- Rs. 1,000

Best Husband Trophy

Remind him again that no matter what ups and downs you two have been through, no matter how little time you two get to spend together due to your busy work schedules, and no matter how many quarrels you two have had, that you believe it in your heart that he is and will always be the perfect fit for you. Gift him this beautiful Best Husband Trophy.

Buy it here.

Mr Right and Mrs Always Right mugs


Image source: amazon

This His-n-Hers set of coffee mugs will do wonderfully for those heart to heart talks. Why not invest in them, today?

Buy it here.

Tied Ribbons Combo for Men


Image source: amazon

Talking about Valentine’s Day gifts for all pockets must entail a combination of things, including a cute keychain, a belt, a tie and a beautiful rose, among others. If you are a little unsure about any specific to present him with, this combination of so many things should be able to help you out!

Buy it here.

Unisex perfume

Perfume need not always be expensive, and it also need not be always a gift for a woman. Gift this unisex alcohol free, undiluted fragrance that lasts long, and see the effects.

Buy it here.

Rs. 1,000- Rs. 2,000

Not Quite Perfect (Book)


Image source: amazon

Want in on a tear-jerking romantic experience with the book lover you proudly call your boyfriend? Gift him this beautiful tale of two hearts by Catherine Bybee, which is a part of her Not Quite series.

Buy it here.

Cufflinks/Earrings display case


Image source: amazon


This leather case can be used as either. Convenient for storing your valuables, it can make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift.

Buy it here.

Rs. 2,000-Rs. 5,000

Crystal Red Rose


Image source: amazon

Can you imagine an ocean without water or a bird without wings? How, then, can you really think that Valentine’s Day without a rose can be perfect? This crystal red rose with golden stem and leaves is one of those Valentine’s Day gifts for all pockets that will never fail to impress your beloved!

Buy it here.



Image source: amazon

The classic gift for Valentine’s Day. Flowers? Check! Roses? Check! Teddy? Check! Only thing that remain is Chocolates! Try out this chocolate truffles collection with a card from Chokolik.

Buy it here.

Rs. 5,000-10,000

Pocket Watch for men


Image source: amazon

Name a better and a more classy gift than a watch. Simple! A pocket watch. Try getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day by going back to an era where pocket watches were a “must have” accessory for men by gifting him this Charles Hubert Paris Classic Pockets Watch.

Buy it here.

Perfume for her – Poeme by Lancome


Image source: amazon

Who doesn’t like beauty gifts and perfumes as presents? This Classic floral oriental fragrance is a great way to make your girl feel special.

Buy it here.

Amazon gift card

And then, there’s of course the gift card. We cannot have a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for all pockets without that! Your loved one can buy whatever he/she likes, within a year’s time, with this gift.

Buy it here.

So, this was a list that covered some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for all pockets.

But really, Valentine’s Day is not just one day of celebrating love only to wait for it to come back 365 days later. Celebrate each day, each hour, each moment that you get to spend with the love of your life- your husband/ wife or you boyfriend/ girlfriend and you will see that just by being together, you two will have presented each other with the most precious gift of all!

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