She Is Indestructible! [#Poetry]

We will be in conversation with Nikita Singh and talking all things love and books! 22nd Feb Mumbai | 23rd Feb Bangalore. 

Women may be trodden upon, beaten up, subdued. But there is collective spirit and strength in them that is indestructible!

You may silence her in the womb,

humiliate her behind closed doors,

For, she is the weaker sex,

She must meekly resign to her fate,

hand over her wishes and dreams,

embrace silence, her virtue supreme.


You may violate her rights

As you please,

No matter she is 2 or 81.

And kick her tattered body

When you are done,

in that dark alley,

in the darkness of your alien mind


You may try to confiscate her,

Soul and body,

Yet she smiles at your ignorance,

Even in her hour of death.

Your vain pride ,

Sure to beget your fall.

She knows,

Its only a matter of time.


Indeed, deep within her resides,

The true consciousness,

Of the universe you boast to reign .

She is the air you breathe,

The land beneath your feet,

The indispensable creator ,


The eternal, Indestructible Truth!

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