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The Past [#Poetry]

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The past can a be a scary place if there are real demons in it – demons of violence or grief – demons that can haunt you. A poignant poem.

It haunts.
And haunts.
With claws all around.

Various faces.
Various voices.
All mean the same.

Same face.
Same voice.
And calls you back.

Back to what you left behind
Back to where it began.

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Sita Mary

Sita Mary

An HR Professional, a caring mom, a troublesome wife, a naughty daughter and a book lover

Author's Blog: http://bhaumisblog.blogspot.in/

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  1. HAUNT

    Get rid of those
    Who haunt you Rose
    Never forget the thorns
    You do have!

    With smell of beauty
    Get new LIVES
    Whose hearts are beauty!

    The world is so wide
    With all love and
    Affection spread!

    Explore everything new
    Enjoy the life anew!
    Everything is for you!
    This land and sky
    Water and Fire
    and the beautiful wind
    Everything is for You
    Enjoy the life anew!


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