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Indomitable power… [#Poetry]

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The irony of it! While women are subjected to domestic abuse and girl children are killed in the womb itself, ‘Durga’ is celebrated as a symbol of woman power. 

The drums rolled,
The lights flashed,
The proscenium arch stood firm.
The curtain gradually started to rise
As people clamoured to get a glimpse of her
She stood on the elevated podium
Carefully holding her heavy props
Draped in an embellished cotton saree,
Her curly black tresses let loose.
The red bindi shinning bright on her forehead.
Her face looked radiant and her aura, indomitable.
The stage was finally set to usher in Maa Durga, the embodiment of feminine strength and creative energy…
While a few miles away from the festive fervour,
Was another woman lying in the corner of her dingy home,
Wearing a soiled saree with unkept hair.
Her frail body bruised black and blue,
She was kicked repeatedly by her man
For the life inside her, it was a girl
The rhythmic beatings of the drums from a distance gave her the strength
It felt like a message from the Goddess
She pulled herself together and decided to fight back.
She held his hands firmly with all her strength,
And dared him of the consequences
Her blood red eyes gazed at him,
As she vanquished the demon seeded within her man
She knew she was strong and self reliant
Inspite of all odds, she didn’t give up
She nurtured the precious life inside her womb for days…
A few months later,she gave birth to a baby girl
She named her “Durga”

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Image source: By Ami.bangaliOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Anumita Bhattacharya

Anumita Bhattacharya

I create magic in my life and for those who matter ... I cook up stories when my mind gurgles ... I create laughter waves when it's gloom and doom ... I play with clay to make a thing or two ... I dance on a stumble without a fumble ... I play in the murky waters with paws and pooches ... I make the canvas come alive with colors ... I glaze and blaze stoneware to make things to wear .... I travel across the oceans and climb up the mountains ... I love and blush, I fight and cry, I smile and dazzle,I shine and sparkle ... I train and gain,I fail and fall, I try and learn,I care and share and make it all so much fun ... I have some and want a lot more...... That's my story.. What's yours?

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