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Digging Deep For The Strength Inside… [#Poem]

Posted: August 22, 2016
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Very familiar situation, isn’t it? Especially when giving up can be so easy? Fight that inner demon, digging deep for strength, which is there all the time!

We often struggle to fight our inner demons, at times we give in however most of the times its our willpower and strength that pulls us through our encounter with the beast within…

She whispered into my ears, “Shhhhh you can count on me, I can be your intimate and trustworthy friend”
I was enamoured by her persona…
She was like the Pan piper playing her magic pipe
My intoxicated steps get drawn towards her..
I said “But why can’t I see you clearly?”
Her shrieking laughter pierced my ears…
She said with a deep whizzing voice “Allow me to take charge of you”
Her persuasion led me to surrender…
Feeling unleashed, she said with her shrill voice “Let’s go for a ride…”
And roared in rage as she marched ahead
Her face turned scarier than a demon with horns and hooves
I felt as if she has spell a cast on me
It will be too late if I don’t master her..
Standing firm, I try and gather the power to harness her
I knew I can’t feed her anymore, I have to find a way to overpower her…
I hurl at her with all my strength and choke her by her neck…
At the count of three………She lay vanquished as I commemorate my heroic destiny over my Alter Ego….

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Anumita Bhattacharya

Anumita Bhattacharya

I create magic in my life and for those who matter ... I cook up stories when my mind gurgles ... I create laughter waves when it's gloom and doom ... I play with clay to make a thing or two ... I dance on a stumble without a fumble ... I play in the murky waters with paws and pooches ... I make the canvas come alive with colors ... I glaze and blaze stoneware to make things to wear .... I travel across the oceans and climb up the mountains ... I love and blush, I fight and cry, I smile and dazzle,I shine and sparkle ... I train and gain,I fail and fall, I try and learn,I care and share and make it all so much fun ... I have some and want a lot more...... That's my story.. What's yours?

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  1. A deep thought conveyed with so much fluidity in it. I am deeply moved.

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