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The Secret Wish List [Book Review]

Posted: May 8, 2014
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The Secret Wish List by Preeti Shenoy is an engaging tale about following your heart while navigating friendships, true love, and parental expectations.

A book that was truly difficult to put down from the first page itself, was The Secret Wish List by Preeti Shenoy.

The book centers around Diksha, a young girl of 16, and later a 35 year old married woman and mother. It details how a romance at 16 changes the course of her life, her thought process, and subsequently, her actions. From the very onset, Shenoy’s style of writing ensures that one would feel a kinship with Diksha.

Whether we are able to draw parallels with our lives and her story is not what the author aims to achieve. Rather, she hopes that even though the story is specific to the character’s journey, we are able to foster a sense of understanding and empathy towards her. One is able to revel in her story, and it does indeed take one back to their own adolescent years – being all of 16 amid hushed whispers and giggles, the first real crush, or the feeling of being in love.

Complexities within a marriage are explained with profound insight – especially the deep seated emotions as well as superficiality that may creep into relationships. Though there are definite moral angles in the story, which I refrain from discussing lest I ruin the elements of the book,  Shenoy is able to create moments of laughter, surprise and above all empathy through her words, which stream effortlessly across the pages. One yearns for the love and contentment she describes, and hopes to find such friendship and unconditional acceptance in their partner.

Preeti Shenoy helps one believe that love truly does exist. We must allow ourselves to break the shackles that are imposed by society and/or our own selves. Only then would we be able to realize our own worth and potential as individuals, and as women.

Not wanting to let go of the life lessons she talks about, I soon found myself ordering her latest book, ‘The One You Cannot Have’. Such is the conviction in her writing!

Publisher – Westland

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