“Speak Up And Raise The Alarm”: This Young Girl From Muzzafarpur Refuses To Stay Quiet

In an interesting two-day activity in Patna, teenaged girls and boys from Bihar and Jharkhand got together to debate what holds girls back.

Diwali is about family

Why Diwali Means A Lot More Than The Lights And The Festive Food To Me

Diwali is about the festivities, the food, and the lights, yes. But more than anything, Diwali is about family - getting together and feeling that love in the very air.

If a man cheats on his marriage, we blame the other woman. But isn't the fault more of the man himself, when he is the one breaking his marriage vows?

My choosing to stay at home to take care of my kids has everything to do with an empowered choice and nothing with being pushed into it.

College is the place where you can see the latest trends in clothing and fashion. College wear then becomes a major part of every college girl's life!

A mother shares how she got into storytelling for kids and how it has helped her in explaining some valuable lessons of life.

Today, parents know that a list of moral values for children is simplistic. Instead, we need to walk the talk.

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