When A Rape Case From 1992 Receives Punishment In 2011, We Need To Ask Harder Questions

Every government promises change, but judicial reforms in India are still needed. Until then, rape survivors will continue to be denied justice.

agree to disagree

Can We Agree To Disagree With Those Whose Opinions And Beliefs Don’t Match Ours?

So much of intolerance and anger in the world nowadays, with trolling and threats. We might be different, diverse, but we should agree to disagree. 

Breast feeding is not just about complete nutrition and immunity. These lesser known benefits of breast feeding are both interesting and astonishing!

Social Anxiety Disorder is an out-of-proportion fear of one or more social situations wherein the person is concerned about being harsly judged.

It was a pleasant evening of November 18,2017, when the 67th edition of Miss World pageant was held with 118 contestants from all over the world competing for the title.

How do you prepare to meet death? This author believes it has something to do with the kind of life you have lived all along.

We fail to acknowledge that women are also ordinary human beings who need and deserve love, respect and recognition.

I condemn the rape of any human being. If you choose to side with the culprits, you are also a rapist.